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All of our breakfast selections are made fresh from local sources and prepared when you order it. Hand cracked farm fresh eggs baked fresh right here and meats you can actually taste! From our smokehouse double thick bacon to our real sage sausage to hickory smoked ham

In a hurry please check out our hot and cold grab and go cases, lots of great choices. Please check out our fresh bakery case filled with exciting muffins and real Danish pastries, fresh baked brownies and cookies and some very unique donuts!

Fantastic fresh salads and abundant sandwich choices, fresh fruit and hard boiled eggs, cheeses and dill pickles, you are sure to find something you love

Signature Breakfast Items

Create Your Own Breakfast Sandwich

Hand Crafted Omelets

Live Dough Pizzas



Iron Horse Deli and Grill

Signature Sandwiches

House Choice Sandwiches

Choose your bread & toppings

Bread Options: Butter Top White | Honey Wheat | Parmesan-Herb | Asiago Herb | Jalapeno Cheddar 

Wrap Options: Spinach | Tomato Basil | Garlic Herb | Jalapeno | Wheat

Add Extra Cheese: Half $.75 | Whole $1.50
Cheese Options: Pepper Jack| Swiss | Provolone | Cheddar | American| Shredded Mozzarella

Add Extra Meat: Half $1.50 | Whole $3.00
Meat Options: Ham | Turkey | Roast Beef | Pastrami | Corned Beef | Pepperoni | Salami

Add Bacon (4slices/half): Half $2.80 | Whole $5.60

Add Fresh Avocado: Half $.75 | Whole $1.50

Build Your Own Sandwich

You can also create your own masterpiece by choosing your personal combination of bread, meats, cheese, veggies & sauces. Priced according to selections. Bacon or Avacado will not be add to sandwich unless it is checked in add ons.

Chef Andy's Signature Tenders & Wings

Pick from Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Tenders battered with Chef Andy's secret spices or Fresh fried wings cooked to order & tossed with your choice of sauce or dry rub.

Buffalo | Asian Sesame | Sweet Chili | Rustic Ramshorn - BBQ

Dry Rub
SPG (Salt, Pepper & Garlic) | Montreal Chicken | 6 Pepper Blend | Tuscan Garlic | Garlic Sriracha | Garlic Sriracha | Lemon Pepper

* denotes meals that include a choice of side in price

Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Tenders

Battered with Chef Andy’s secret spices & cooked fresh for you

Dry Rubs & Sauces

6 Pepper Blend | Montreal Chicken | Cajun Blend | Tuscan Garlic | Garlic Sriracha | SPG
(Salt, Pepper & Garlic) | Lemon Pepper | Bold Faithful ~ Wyo. Sauce Co. Buffalo | Rustic Ramshorn ~ Wyo. Sauce Co. BBQ | Honey Garlic Sauce | Sweet Chili Spice

Fresh Fried Wings

Cooked to order & tossed with your choice of sauce or dry rub

Dry Rubs & Sauces

6 Pepper Blend | Montreal Chicken | Cajun Blend | Tuscan Garlic | Garlic Sriracha | SPG
(Salt, Pepper & Garlic) | Lemon Pepper | Bold Faithful ~ Wyo. Sauce Co. Buffalo | Rustic Ramshorn ~ Wyo. Sauce Co. BBQ | Honey Garlic Sauce | Sweet Chili Spice

Sides n' Extras

Revella's Pizzeria

Come and enjoy authentic Italian family recipes that have been passed down for over 100 years. Chef Revella came to American in 1955 with all of his family recipes in handwritten form. His dream was to share all of these great tasting dishes with his new friends in America. To continue all of those great home-cooked flavors and use all the natural ingredients he could find here in America would be a whole new joy

So, he took all of those recipes and sought out the best Italian ingredients he could find. Knowing the Italian internment camp was here in Douglas he came here to set up shop

At the pizzeria we use only whole real tomatoes, fresh garlic and only extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. Handmade meatballs to select Italian cheese to incredible pizza crust, just what you would expect. Don’t forget to try the breadsticks! you will experience what real Italian food was meant to be, cooked with a heaping spoon of LOVE!

Be sure to ask about our catering options including our pasta wagon buffet!



All entrée served with cheesy garlic breadsticks

Our Hand Tossed Style Pizzas

Made from live dough and prepared fresh

Mozzarella Cheese | Pepperoni | Meatballs | Mushrooms | Peppers | Black Olives | Italian Sausage | Onions | Tomatoes | Roasted Chicken | Bacon | Feta Cheese | Philly Steak Meat | PIneapple | B.B.Q. Sauce | Red Onions | Gyro Meat | Cheddar Cheese | Fresh Basil | Broccoli | Fresh Spinach

16-Inch Specialties

Hand stretched traditional thickness


Special Deals

Thunder Basin Coffee

We offer three choices of whipped topping:
Vanilla | Chocolate | Unicorn

For your pleasure we offer:
Whole Milk | 2% Milk | Soy Milk | Almond Milk | Heavy Cream

Coffee with an Altitude

We travel the world to source only the finest small farm coffee beans all still hand-picked and sustainably sourced. The Thunder Basin blend of African and South American coffee fuses bright citrus flavors with a lingering, Smokey, chocolate finish, a truly layered experience. We bring them to our very own roasting facility in Kentucky and only roast in small batches every day. Then we only grind the fresh-roasted beans when we get ready to brew your favorite beverage. We go thru all of these rigorous steps to bring you the absolute best possible cup of coffee because we firmly believe you deserve it!

Note: our single origin brew is only for 60 days at a time to be sure they are the best of the season. This period we have select Honduras Montecillos. One of our most popular coffee’s best known for its excellent body. With a fruit like sweetness and chocolate finish along with subtle spice notes makes this a perfect cup of coffee


Fun Loving specialties

Make It Your Own


All of our teas are thatched hut loose tea that we brew with the power of the sun, no mechanically brewed tea, just the raw power of the sun and the best and freshest tea leaves





Cold Springs Creamery

EST. 2014

Wild About Harry’s Hand Crafted Custard

Our Hand Crafted Custard Comes in Vanilla, Chocolate and Swirl

Toppings ($0.79):
Rainbow Sprinkles |  Oreo Pieces | Reese’s | Heath Bar | Butterfinger | M & M’s


Apple Pie

Signature Snow Drifts

Our creamy custard whipped with your choice of topping:

Butter Finger | M & M’s | Reese’s | Heath Bar | Oreo

Our Hand Crafted Sundae's

Can be made with custard or yogurt

We offer Vanilla, Chocolate, Unicorn or Marsh Mellow whipped toppings

Cherry on top! | Add wet walnuts for $0.99

Creative Milk Shakes