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Cold Springs Creamery

EST. 2014

Wild About Harry’s Hand Crafted Custard

Our Hand Crafted Custard Comes in Vanilla, Chocolate and Swirl

Toppings ($0.79):
Rainbow Sprinkles |  Oreo Pieces | Reese’s | Heath Bar | Butterfinger | M & M’s


Cake Cone


8 Ounce Cup


Non-Fat Vanilla Yogurt - 8 Ounce


Waffle Cone


12 Ounce Cup


Non-Fat Vanilla Yogurt - 12 Ounce


Apple Pie

Signature Snow Drifts

Our creamy custard whipped with your choice of topping:

Butter Finger | M & M’s | Reese’s | Heath Bar | Oreo

12 Ounce Signature Snow Drift


Our Hand Crafted Sundae's

Can be made with custard or yogurt

We offer Vanilla, Chocolate, Unicorn or Marsh Mellow whipped toppings

Cherry on top! | Add wet walnuts for $0.99

Strawberry Hand Crafted Sundae


Fresh macerated Strawberries, strawberry sauce and whipped topping

Hot Fudge Hand Crafted Sundae


Lots of warm real fudge and choice of whipped topping

Brownie Avalanche Hand Crafted Sundae


A fresh bake fudge brownie, custard or yogurt topped with hot fudge and your choice of whipped topping

Banana Caramel Hand Crafted Sundae


Fresh banana, hot caramel and choice of whipped topping 

The Americana Bonanza Hand Crafted Sundae


Fresh banana, strawberries, caramel and hot fudge and your choice of whipped toppings

Creative Milk Shakes

Mocha Monkey Milkshake


Strawberry Milkshake


Chocolate Lava Milkshake


Prices and Availability subject to change