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Palermo's Pizzeria

An Italian American Family Pizzeria
History, Mystery Mood and Food

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Palermo has the distinguished honor of being the most conquered city in all of history. The last time it was liberated was by none other than the American Third Army and General George S Patton. Douglas Wyoming has a special connection to Patton and the war, as Douglas was an internment camp during the war. Italians and Germans were brought to Douglas and actually were interned right across the street from our location. The Italians became very fond of America and of Patton and towards the end of the war many Italians actually fought in Patton’s army.

Because of its diverse history of occupants, Palermo has one of the most celebrated food cultures in all the world. Just as General Patton did, we bring all of the best flavors and crafts of Italy home to you with our pizza creations

Palermo’s, let the history enlighten you, the mood comfort you and the food delight you, and the mystery intrigue you. Be liberated from the ordinary and enjoy the spice of the Mediterranean, let us take you to a time of celebration of life’s best pleasures. Enjoy one some of Palermo’s true treasures right here in Douglas!
Italian Specialties

All of our Italian Specialties are baked in our oven, there are no deep fat fryers in Italy and served with a warm zesty marinara
Patton's Favorite Pizza

16" - Traditional / 12" - Thin Crust
Available as 8" Personal Pizza*
Prices and Items Subject to Change.